Accessory Fair 2010 trip one

This blog will highlight the Accessory Fair 2010 which runs  March 6th thru March 27th. I will show you some of my favorite finds, talk about the fair itself, and give helpful tips for those men who will be attending.

Here are my finds of my first visit of Accessory Fair. Before I get into it, I have to say I was blown away by the level of detail in the items I bought.

Kumaki Glasses Style Groucho Glasses (Comes with the two styles above)

<more under the cut>

[glow] Secret Garden Keys (Comes in gold and Silver)

$GaNKeD$ Goldblooded Necklace (This is a necklace made for the ladies)

*SiSSi* Lucky Dice Male (Also comes in a woman’s side)

Aren’t they stunning? There is even more stunning items at the fair it’self. The build is simple to walk around. The fair itself is set in a nice looking city street. It has a normal mall lay out. The fair has two part, you move between them by using a subway tunnel. Now like all fairs, a majority of the items for sell are for the ladies. But men, if you are planning on going, keep in mind these tips. 1.)Look for things you think can be unisexed, 2.)  Just because there is a female on the vendor picture does not mean there is not a men’s size inside.  If it is not listed on the vendor itself, highlight the item go to edit and see the contents of the vendor. 3.) DO NOT by an no mod item. Even if it has a resize script inside it you may need to make changes to it. Follow these tips, and you will enjoy the fair too~

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