Accessory fair trip two

I decided I am going to show all my favorite finds from accessory fair.  Here are my top four favorite finds of my second trip to Accessory fair. Like last pose I will also share my views on Accessory Fair

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Trident Wolf Teeth Necklace. The detail on this piece is amazing

{ Haunted Zuzu } – Asian Flower Necklace in Metallics. All three parts of this necklace is color change.

Mstyle Perfect Male Nails – B&W. Comes with many different wear styles. Nails themselves are texture change to four different styles.

[Fairy Tail]W-skull set. The cute little hat on the skull is texture change

And now some incite. I signed up to be a blogger for the Accessory fair due to the fact that I really did not want to fight the lag on the first few days of the fair. I got accepted and was invite to the fair group giving me early access to the fair. Which is amazing! But what it also gave me was access to review copies. The Trident Wolf Teeth Necklace was a said item in a review pack.  Hey it’s a perk I guess. But what amazed me was how willing people were willing to give things away. Let take for example. I bought the Mstyle Perfect Male Nails on my own with my own linden. I feel as a blogger I should do my part to support the store owners. Upon buying it I was amazed with it. The nails are prim nails and they look amazing. I sent a IM to the owner saying how much I loved them, logged out and went to bed. When I woke up the next day he sent me the nails I was raving about. I was floored.

  1. Very well-presented, Gabe!

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