Live Your Life (remixed)

Out with the old, in with the new. Before Gabieglam, I used to blog on Blogger. Needless to say I like WordPress much better. So I will be no longer blogging on Wonderings of Gabe Bookmite. As a good bye I will be remixing some of my favorite looks from WoGB. Today I remixed Live Your Life

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Tutu’s on men is hot not matter what people say.


The Style Sheet

Skin: Signature ~ John Paine – Tone 2 – HAIR – 5 O’Clock
Hair: no.07 ~ Hair  Street Glam – Brown M (Adult sim.)

Shirt: iPop ~ Live Your Life Green T-shirt
TuTu:  Canimal ~ FooFoo TuTu (Black)
Sh*t Happens ~ Blue Solid Leather Stirrups
Glasses: OMFG ~ Mrs. Gollightly GLAM Shades – Metals + Diamonds

Scarf: a.C  STD.Madame ~ Gigi NeckLace (now Cheerno)
Suspenders: Adjunct ~ Suspenders (Navy Blue/White Stripe)
Gloves: Emery ~ Gloves #Sailor
Boots: GOS ~ [Docs] Boot

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