Sex Hair?

This look has a funny story. For those that do not know. When it comes to my avatar I am really proud of his nose. It is big ,sexy and I just love it.  However, because of my big and sexy nose, I have to become really picky when it comes to hair. Nothing to long and nothing the covers the face. This hair in the picture below had the same issue. And I wasn’t going to use it. No way in heck am I modding my nose. But the more I looked at it the more I liked the hair. To make a long store short. I modded my nose JUST FOR THIS PICTURE. You know it’s good hair if I mod my nose.

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I really love this shirt


The Style Sheet

Skin: Signature ~ KALIL – TONE 3 – EYELINER
Hair: Miamai ~ Nara LieBlack
Exodi ~ Look Into My – Vetro Eyes (Blue)(Lg/NV)
Tattoo: MIASNOW ~ RADIANT Heart 2

Shirt: Miamai ~ Neo Shirt White
Pant: Emery – Jean Skinny Passe #Gray (Part of the Outfit Raver)

Boots: ZERO NUMBER ~ Wo Boots

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