I Love….

Dressing up is fine and dandy and I really enjoy it.  But for this blog there will not be a look of the day, instead I want to highlight things in my inventory that I love.  I will try to do this weekly with a new love. But for today I love… hair. Not just any hair. Hair with shaved bits and must be worn with a bald base to look good. Here are my top Five Favorites.

The first hair is from  no.07 by the name of Outcast. Above it’s shown in the lightest shade in the  blonde pack. I love this hair simply it is messy and not that normal. I also love the length of it. (Note No.07 is on an adult sim so you will have to be Adult verified to get it)

<Wanna see the other four? Click on!>

The second hair is from Cheerno. It is called Julio. Above it is shown in the Blond Champagne shade. The Hair is very simple but really really cool

The next hair is from MADesigns. It is called Seth. This one one of the first hair’s I bought when I went blond. I loved it back when I bought it I still love it now. The hair show is from the Gentle Blonde pack.

This hair is from Boon. I am in love with this hair. I have alts that I roleplay on. Four boys, and of my for male alts three of them have this hair not including Gabe.  The Hair is called XXX777.

The Last hair I am going to talk about is the newest from my collection of hair. It comes from LeLutka. The front may not look like much however the side view is amazing (See side view bellow). It is from their hair attachment pack and it called Pony Up. The Shade show in fair.

And now we have the size view. Hair is show in the same order as above

Other Credits

Skin: Signature ~ Rob Faite – Tone 3 – HAIR – Shaved
MADesigns ~eyes of TRUTH – green 2
Tattoo: The Habitat ~ No Lies, Just Love

  1. October 14th, 2010

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