Pose fair 2010

Warning the following blog has pictures. A few of them

There is only one more day until pose fair. And I for one am excited.  In the near future I will show you some of my favorite finds. Until then I will show you what I have to offer.  Here are some times you can find from my Store, Get Bent, at pose fair. The following items are ONLY being sold at pose fair and will later me added to the mainstore

<more for poses>

For the Men

Moody Hero is a normal standing pack for men and include five different poses.

The Raining Men pack is a pack of five falling pictures. Though they were made on a male shape, the poses are unisex

For the Ladies:

Lady of the Night pack as five “Normal” poses for the ladies.

Based on stripper moves. Pole Dance is perfect for well.. stripper poses. These could be unisexed as well *Pole not included*

More to Love:

For the ladies with bigger shapes. The More to Love 2 back is pefect for you. With five different stands including a few booty pops

More to Love is also a pack for bigger girl avis. Five poses are include

As well as the six packs above. We were asked to give a donation items

The pack above comes with 24 kneeling/laying/rolling on the ground poses. Half of it’s sells will go to Motivation. Motivation is world wide charity that helps disabled people  in low income countries.

That is all for now. BYE~

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