Leather and Lace

Sometimes you find good quality items in a place you would not expect. In this blog their are items, hidden gems if you will, from lesses blogged about stores.

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Adding a touch of fantasy to a romantic look? Maybe I don’t know I just play dress up. Like I said before the look has items from stores the normal SL blogger would never think about going to. The hair is from a store that sells Gorean silks and clothing. The Corset is from a hole in the wall store as well as the jacket. The under shirt is from a futuristic latex store which so happens to be one of my many favorite stores.


The boots in the look are from CheerNo, They were passed to me for what I assumed was the purpose of me writing a review about them. Normally I don’t review items but why not. The boot object itself comes in one piece that attaches to your lower leg meaning their is a invisible prim that attached to your foot. The Yaji Boots come in five different collars and two wear style’s each. I did not take pictures of the other wear style but the strap on the boots come in black (Shown above) or the color of the boot itself (The black boots come with a white strap).  From the side, I love these boots, the detailing on the strap and the buckle makes me all kinds of happy.

The Dress Like Me Card

Skin: Signature ~ Rob Faite – Tone 3 – HAIR – Shaved
T.E.D ~ Moaki/Platinum
Aitui ~ Mirage Eyes – Crystal Shores

Out of the Blue ~ Steampunk Shortcoat Black
Undershirt: Elixir ~ Revolutions Undersuit (Part the Revolutions Set outfit)
Pant: Deviance ~Leather pants

Belt: INDI ~ Belt black (Part of the Pete outfit)
CHEERNO ~YAJI Boots High/Black’

Poses: All Poses by PDA

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