Skins Skins and Skins~

Today it’s all about skins, skins, skins.  I been in SL for almost two years now and in those two years I have changed my look so many times. I always found it fun to change who you are, buying new hair, new eyes, tweeking your shape, and buying new skins. Needless to say I have many different skins, to many to sit down in count. But I figure I would share my top five favorite skins

The first skin is Rob Faite from Signature. This skin is predominantly the one I used in my current every day look. Before this skin I was always a bit paler with darker hair. This skin changed it all. I am not a blonde twink boy 😀

<Wanna see the other skins and credits?>

The next skin comes from CheerNo. It is called Venus Zanza PAINT. I got this skin for the most part because of the cool face paint. I like the contrast of the white on a darker skin.

Right now I am on a ginger kick. So when No.07 released Demetris – Ginger I HAD to buy it. You cannot tell by the picture but the body has some cool freckles on it over the arms and the shoulders

And here is the skin that started my ginger kick. It is from Dutch Touch, it is called red.  Like the other skin for red heads, it has body freckles that stand out more in this skin since it is paler.

The last skin is from Zanzo and is called Narcissus ~ Athens. I was using this skin in my every day look before I went blonde. I liked the softness of the face and the abs of it. However sadly I thought I looked super hot as a blonde so I switched it out ❤

Other Credits

Hair (In Order): Boon: No.07(Comes with skin): MADesigns Aden(Store closed)
Aitui ~ Mirage Eyes – Crystal Shores

Collar: .:Collared:. (custom)

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