Todays blog is about undies and undergear. Here are five of my favorite sets

Vitamen’s Black Vinyl Boy set his sexy and very lickable.

<see more undies>

no.07 T shorts are sexy and fun. It comes with a sexy prim bulge which, when fitted right, adds to the sexiness.

subVersion Black Leather set is perfect for any leather fan. The pack comes with two harnesses, chaps, pants, shorts, thong and gloves. Above it’s just a harness and a thong.

Balaclava’s bull’s eye undies are sexy and come with matching socks which are not seen in the picture.

A:S:S 6am set is sexy. To me it looks like you just woke up for a good night sleep. The panda on the top adds a cute touch

Other credits

Skin: Signature ~ Rob Faite – Tone 3 – HAIR – Shaved
booN ~ XXX777 hair blonde
Exodi ~ Look Into My – Reflection
Tattoo: The Habitat ~ Easy/Lucky/Free

  1. Damn…2 out of 5 of these things. thanks alot Gab! lol

    • ooops..forgot to type..”went and bought…2 out of 5 of these things” =P what fail.

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