Penis Envy

Todays sin is Envy, it simply means desiring what someone else has. For the sin of Envy I didn’t want to do the typical “LOOK AT ME I AM IN GREEN” look. So I went with the term Penis Envy.  The look bellow was done in a girls shape but is unisexed using items for men or both genders.

<Go bellow for credits>

Want This Look?

Skin: Exodi ~  Sienna Cachet Pretty, Pretty Princess (group gift)
Adjunct ~ Ben
Mustache: Adjunct ~ Barrister
Exodi ~  Look Into My  Reflection (Green)

Suspenders: Emery ~ Suspender
Shirt: Gisaci ~ Cambridge Cuffed Shirt Top – Aufren White
Shorts: Emery ~ Short Denim Quarry

Ciggy: Primitive Design ~ cigarette – xx long ash
Socks: Pig ~ Socks Mit Suspenders – Black Sock
Shoes:Bandit ~ Max Golf shoe black & white

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