More Skin

Today, My skin whore itches and I just had to scratch it. Here are five of my new buys.

The first skin is from Hermony. It’s called Kriz and I got it in the Wild option. This is my first full beard skin that I ever bought. I like it. I may think about being a beard man.

<More bellow>

I bought this skin for it’s lips. It comes from CheerNo. It’s from the newer Wady skin line. I have a few skins from this line. But I just now picked up the black lips. The skin comes with Nipples, body hair layers, eyelashes, hair and a male attachment

Next we have the Xavier skin from Muism. It’s a sexy dark skin with great body detail. These skins are cheap! CHEAP! 500L for a kind with and with out the bald base also with and with out eyeliner. Also comes with it’s own chest hair layers.

Next we have  a skin that has been out for a while now. It is from TheAbyss. Like i said before the Adam Crius has been out for a while and I thought about getting it many times. But it wasn’t until today that I picked it up. I have to say I am please with these.

The last skin I got on my skin whore trip was Eito from DEN DOU. I love the bald base on this and how it looks brown and not the typical  black that most bald bases are. I like the softness of the face and the detail around the ribs. This was a good buy

Other credits:

Eyes: Exodi ~ Zbilja Eyes (Hazel)

Pants: Emery ~ Jean Skinny Passe (Gold)

    • MarianneLittle
    • May 29th, 2010

    Great post about skins. I am always interested in cheaper skins (under 1K) for my male alt. Do you mind editing in the other prizes? I am surprised that male skins normally cost 2K, and then the designers complain about men staying ion the same skin for years.

      • gabieglam
      • May 29th, 2010

      Sure. I will get on that as soon as the new emerald installs

  1. June 1st, 2010

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