49 linden sale

So, you should all know what Fifty Linden Fridays is. It branched a world of sale’s events including Project Themeory and Stumblebum to name a few. It’s a great idea and some of the items are really REALLY good, if you have pixel boobs. With all these events good male/unisex items are rare and few. And if we do get items, we get somewhat shafted. While girls get skins and hair and all that, men are limited to like clothing and glasses, which is great and all. LUCKY for us, there is going to be a weekly sale thing just for us!

Say hello to 49 Linden Sale For Dudes. The week long event will take place June 20 – 26. The event is exactly as the title suggest, you place a new or already existing item on sell for 49 lindens at the front of your store. The item must be unisex or specifically for guys and the value of the item must be worth more than 49 lindens. If you would like to participate please drop myvegancookbook Bolissima an IM or note card with a big ol’ YES in it. 😀

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