Skin Deals

I like blogging about skin. I am a skin whore and it is fun to me to show the different skins in secondlife. Now I know my last skin blog was three blogs ago. But on that blog I got a comment from MarianneLittle who asked to showcase cheaper skins, under 1000. Well Marianne, I did it. Here are five skins under 1000.

The first skin we have today comes from Cheerno. While the skin is not new, it is still only 500 lindens. Cheerno (formally A.C Studios) does something with their skin lines that I wish other skin makers would take note of. When they come out with a new skin line, all the past skin lines go down in price. This skin being 500 linden was one of the first Cheerno skins before they were cheerno. With this skin you get three brow options all with and without the hair base on the skin.

<more bellow>

The next skin comes from Mr.Poet . Mr.Poet is not a well know store for skins. If you do see their name in a blog, most likey it would be for their off the shoulder shirts. Despite this fact, the skin is really good and for the price of 500 Linden is a sweet deal. When you buy the skin you get five options for the face, eyes (seen in picture), three shapes and a eyebrow base. Not bad for 500 linden.

Next, we return to Muism. I talked about how cheap this skin was in the last skin blog I did.  But I still can’t get over how cheap they are. Muism is a well know store for quality clothing and hair. The same quality goes into their skins so needless to say the 500 linden price tag on these are a bit exciting. Like I started before, the skin comes with a bald and a hair base option each with and without eyeliner as well as body hair layers.

The fourth skin comes for the store Deu-Dou.  At first this skin wasn’t going to make it to this blog being that this skin and another one are the only skins at the store that are under the 1000 linden price tag (not including the ones in the gacha). Coming in at 800L this skin comes with eyes (Seen in the picture) a shape and a eyebrow shaper.

The last skin I am going to blog about is  from the store Hermony. This store is not that big and only has one skin line out at the time. With that being said, it is an amazing skinline. The skins come with a bald and a hair base and each of those options come with a clean, eyeshadow, and an eyeliner makeup options. The skin will only cost you 899 linden.

Other credits

Eyes: Aitui ~ Mirage Eyes – Crystal Shores – Veins

Undies: BALACLAVA ~ undiesox-bull’s eye/GRAY

  1. oh damn you look HOT in the Hermony. *drools*

  2. *dusts off her boy alt for some shopping!! nice stuff

  3. Amazing post, I’m sending this to all my guy friends in SL. Very useful, very well-done! =D

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