Boots and Boy

If you have not noticed, I am a bit of a boot whore. I love boots. If there is a good boot out there, I have it and if I don’t, I want it. I wanted to showcase my boots addiction. However, I wanted to do one boot for picture and because I didn’t want to do too many pictures, Here are six of my favorite pairs of boots.

The first pair of boots I am going to talk about are the ROT test boots. I bought these some time ago from some small store on one of my shopping tips. They have three different texture (red shown) with three different leaves of sculpt. I don’t know if these are still out anymore in the small store I found them in but I think I last saw them in WMD

<more boots bellow>

Next we have the Atlas’ Marker Boot in Burnt Umber from Adjunct.  These boots I got as a blog review item from the store after pretty much drooling over them on flickr. I intended to go get them I swear! But a few moments later they were sent to me. These boots, I can say with out a doubt, are my favorite boots that I ever got for free. I love the feather around the Ankle.

These next boots are from Rawdolls and are called Catbash Boots. Don’t ask me why they just are. Like the ROT boots these ones can be found at WMD. In fact, I am pretty sure I found them there. I love these boots because they are kick ass cowboy boots. Think if Tyler Swift joined a punk rock band. That is what these boots are.

The next boots come from WMD(again? I know. Sue me the store has good boots) And are called Rboots. The Rboots come in nine different color options (Gold showed above) and are one of my favorite pairs from WMD (Which is not saying a lot since I apparently love all the boots that are being sold there)

These boots from Anexx, I picked up at Shoe fair way back when it was going on. They are called Leather Riders Boots. What attached me to these boots was the color of them. At the time I did not own any bold in your face shoes. Lucky for those of you who do not yet have these boots, they were not a Shoe Fair exclusive.

The LAST pair of boots for this blog come from GOS. They are called 8 Hole. What I like about these boots are the color options. I bought the – I guess you would call it – fatpack of these and I think if I am not mistaken they come with nine different colors. Now they do sale other colors and options with these that you can by. But the cool think about it is, when you buy the color options you get a can of shoe polish that you wear that loads the color into the boot. I just thought it was clever.

Other credits:

Hair: EGO ~ KAR – Dark Platinum Blonde

Eyes: MADesigns~  AUTUMN gold – clarity

Skin: Signature ~ Rob Faite – Tone 3 – HAIR – Shaved

Chairs in picture 1 and 4: theosophy ~ Denham Chair

Chair in picture 2 and 5: LostAngel ~ Boudoir Chair

Chair in picture 3 and 6: CORN ~ =PP Series= LT1 Chairs

  1. looks like either you raided my shoe closet, or our taste in boots is extremely alike

      • gabieglam
      • June 13th, 2010

      Haha Or both

    • navefall
    • June 15th, 2010


    You seem to have taken a walk through my inventory. The only favorites of mine you seem to have missed are my Kboots and the ones from Foot Fetish

    Good job though

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