Potter’s Field

Sometime this week I got a item to blog for the Potter’s Field event. It is hosted here and if you are into really dark, gothie things than you should check it out. There are even a few outfits for the men. He is the outfit I was sent comes from the lovely designer Sienia Trevellion and is called Absence.

<Credits at the bottom>

Now, if you are not into the long kilt thing, you can just wear the pants. The outfit also includes the horns and ring which is somewhere in the picture (I think). The cool think I like about this outfit is the collar/face cover attaches to your nose, so if you have an AO that has a lot of neck moments, (Like I do) the piece follows.

Just in case you were wondering, yes the two pictures have different hair. That was a mistake. Turns out the two pictures were not taken the same day and since it was my boyfriend Garrett Ceriano who took the pictures (You can tell he is better than me at picture taking) I didn’t want to have him redo it.

Other credits:

Hair: T.E.D ~ Moaki/Platinum
MADesigns Hair~ LUZ ~ Blonde Skunk

Skin: Signature ~ Rob Faite – Tone 3 – HAIR – Shaved

Eyes: Exodi ~ Look Into My – Reflection Hazel

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