The Deco Gentlemen

Deco is coming out with a new line of items for the boys. I used a few of them for this blog look. Scroll down near the credits to read about why these items pretty much had me going “hehehe” like a child.

Pictures done by Garrett Ceriano ❤

The items from Deco are well made , there is a level of detail that made me all happy inside. Take for example the pipe. Like any smoking item in secondife there is partial smoke that raises from the pipe. But that’s not what makes it cool. What makes this pipe cool is that added effect of the smoke blowing out of the nose.   Also the Fedora have many cool options.  It has a menu driven color change system which allows you to change it six different colors. Pretty cool right? BUT there is more! The hat is throw able. No kidding, you can throw the hat and it will fly in the air and than land back in you’re hand.  There is a damage option with the hat, but I did not test it on any combat meter.  Who needs ma sword when you have a Fedora?

Style card:

Hair: MADesigns Hair ~ BON ~ DBR II

Eyes: Exodi ~ Look Into My – Reflection Hazel

Skin: Signature ~ John Paine – Tone 2 – HAIR – 5 O’Clock

Shirt and vest: Phoenix Rising ~ Stolen (only the vest and shirt)

Pants: four.ARSENIC ~ Regals -Onyx-

Hat: DECO ~ Flying Fedora  Pinstripes

Pipe: DECO ~ Kettle Pipe Black

Mustache: DECO ~ Chimney Sweeper Stache  Brown

Cane: DECO ~ Duckhead Cane Black

Shoes: hoorenbeek ~ Brighton Shoes – White&Black

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