Shoe Fair 2010: Ruthenium

Shoe Fair is on again. Like last time shoe makers from all over the grid put out booths to show off their shoe making skills. I went and would like to share my finds. Because there are four sims, the coverage of the fair will be spread four days on my blog. Also, because this is a charity event, I will only be covering items which all or some of it’s profites will go to Soles4Souls.

Here is what I found at the Ruthenium sim.

Surf Couture’s Saturday Moccasins in black is a 100% charity item. The moccasins are well made and can be worn by both genders.

Hoorenbeek’s Dr. H. Boots are super sexy however unlike Surf Co, Hoorenbeek does not have a item which 100% of it’s profits go to a charity. Instead a percentage of the money earned is donated.

Kalnins’ Milestone are practically a steal for their L$100 price tag. The shoes come with many different color/texture change options. What makes this deal even sweet is that 100% of the linden made from this shoe is donated.

The last pair of shoes from the Ruthenium sim come from Akyeo. It’s their Unisexed KnittBoots. Like Hoorenbeek, a percentage of the money earned at shoe fair is donated

  1. August 9th, 2010

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