Shoe Fair 2010: Osmium & Iridium

This is the third and last day of my shoe fair coverage. Today we visit the last two sims Osmium & Iridium.

Here is what I found at Osmium

The first shoe comes from GOS, it is their Doc, 8 hole boots. Now if you don’t already own the boot, you can buy them at the fair, that purchase of 300L (The donation item price) will go to the charity. If you are like me and already bought a pair of these boots you can buy polish for them, which is a 50% donation item and will cost you about 150L per polish pack.

The Dandy Shoes from Lassitude & Ennui are perfect for any Steampunk outfit.  The store like many others will be donating some of it’s profits to the charity.

Now for the Iridium

Kookie’s Oafs are unisex and can be color changed into 8 different colors. While Kookie does not have a donation item, some of the money the store makes goes is donated

Now closing my coverage of Shoe fair we have Reek with his sandal and sock combo. The sandals can be worn with and without socks and with or without the prim foot attachment.  There are 11 choices of socks. A percentage of what Reek makes at Shoe Fair is donated.

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