Zombiepopcorn Hunt WEARABLES

HELLO FOLLOWERS, I know this post is like two dats late but it’s done! I finished the ZombiePopcorn hunt. I have unpacked all the prizes and here are the male/unisex items.  Now what is bellow is not ALL the unisex prizes, this post will focus on wearable items. Enjoy~


1.)ZP HQ~  ZombiePopcorn Hunt Tee

2.) REPULSE ~ Three  Eye sets (Two different versions)

3.)KoQStar ~ F*%$ Hipster

4.) Thick ~ I Dig Zombies Shirt

5.) It’s Cake ~Doucher Tshirt

6.) Boof ~ Beer cans, Zombie Attack bat, Popcorn Awesome Face

7.) Blitzed ~ Legacy bracelet. preview ZP- male (love this item)

9.)MV ~ Two Pairs of Leggings

15.) W0e ~ Purple Pajamas (not sure if the top is unisex but I see no boob shadowing)

18.)name pending ~ Zombie Girl tee

25.) Love Zombie~ Y-Stitch Tattoo

27.) hoorenbeek ~ Military Boots Loose Used Brown

31.)Para Designs ~ SnakeBite tattoo

34.)FlipSide ~Bloody Neck Razors w/prim slash


35.) Calypso Giano~Pepper~ Name Mouthchain DIAMOND

39.) iPoke ~DeadRose

41.)VooDoo Baby~Worn Heros

43.)ConcreteFlowers ~ Shelly Necklace,  Brian  Kebab

44.) DeeTaleZ ~ men loose shorts

48.)Intrigue Co ~ Free Hugs shirt

49.)MADesigns~ Two hawk styles, one in blonde, one in red. The red one comes in three different shades. Also a pair of eyes.

64.)Moq Design~ Tobacco Pipe

67.)Amacci~ Real Eyes ~ Purple (comes with prim sparkles)

72.)Gawk ~White Polo Shirt

76.) Plastic Flowers ~  ZP Lip Piercings

78.)Acide! ~ My Pet \o/

81.) Zanda~ Two different hair styles both in gold blonde (one seen in picture)

82.)DECO ~ Anatomy Tee Male

Stick around for the other prizes including pose, furniture and other knickknack.

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