Project Donate: Skin

Project Donate is a charity event that rasied money for Unicef. “The Unicef Project” is running from now to the 19th on it’s own sim. Now I am not sure if the event is called Project Donate or The Unicef Project however I went and was happy to find three different skin makers put out male skins as donation items.

The first skin is Trey from Ispachi. I bought the skin in the pale tone but there are also two other tones available to buy. the skin comes with two options, one with a hair base and one without. The Ispachi skins are a 70% donation item and cost 499L$ per skin tone.

Next we have the Benicio from AtomicBambi. Unlike the skin above this is the only tone at Project Donate. However, the skin comes with different options, including a hair base, chest hair and a freckle option. The skin is a 100% donation item and will run you 975 L$


For the last skin we have Fight skin from Strangelove. The skin comes with no options like the two above in what you are buying but you have the option to buy the skin in five different tones. While this skin is not for everyone, it is a 75% donation item and will run you 500L$


Like most events in secondlife, there is not a huge mass of men’s items. But what the event lacks in gender specific items, it makes up in poses, homes, furniture and eyes. If you want to make a difference but don’t wish to fight the lag at Hair Fair I do highly suggest you check this out.


Other Credits:

Eyes: Exodi ~ Look Into My ~ Reflection Hazel

Jeans: Tres Beau~ Blue Jeans

Poses: LAP

  1. i just found your blog and i’m enjoying it. thanks for your hard work. i like the vein on the abdomen.

    • …and the atomicbambi skin is so hot. looks great on you.

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