Fifty Linden Friday Men’s stuff

Everyone knows what Fifty Linden Friday is right? For those who don’t, it’s when stores put out items in their store every Friday for Fifty linden. Normally, I don’t go it because often you find only items for the girls or furniture. But this week, there are a few men’s items. Here is what I found. Hope you enjoy.

<credits Bellow>

The look of above was created from the FLF items from Reek, Tinybird (Teeny-bird LoL inside joke), and Rc Cluster. The jacket from Reek also comes in a redish color which I also bought. The shirt from Tinybird come in 8 different options 50L. Or you can buy the fatpack of shirts for 200L which is what I did. The Shirt comes in all layers, a plus. The item from RC Cluster is the prim tongue. The pack you get for FLF comes with 8 different tongue each with a tongue ring option.

Other Credits:

Hair: booN ~ XXX777 hair blonde

Skin: Signature ~ Rob Faite Tone 3

Eyes: Exodi ~ Look Into My ~ Reflection Hazel

Pants: four.ARSENIC ~ Regals ~ Onyx

Shoes: UBU ~ PornStar Lo-Tops

Poses: LAP

The next look is using items from Surf Co and Callie Cline.

In the above look, the jacket comes from Surf Co, which is a very cute store which has a lot of fun summer wear for woman. When I saw this I was happy, not only is it for men but it is also perfect for the colder seasons which are coming up real soon. The jeans are from Callie Cline and come with sculpted leg prims which you can’t see in the above look because I am wearing boots. While the jeans are nice, I was slightly let down when the only layer option for these jeans was the pant layer.

Hair: Ploom ~ Ana ~Honey

Skin: Kento ~ Josh T3 ~ Pure

Eyes: Exodi ~ Look Into My ~ Reflection Hazel

Boots: Hoorenbeek ~ Cowboy Boots ~ Men ~ Used Black

Pose: LAP

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