Fall colors.

Before I start this blog, I want to thank Gospel Voom of Gos Riq Graves of Reek for sending me items to blog. I feel as a blogger I don’t say thank you enough to the store owners that send me products for free. So I am going to start thanking designers. Or at least try too.

Anyways, back to the blog.

You may have notice a few weeks back I blogged a look using a jacket like this before. Reek revamped it. Not only does it come in other colors like this green. It also has a hood option and color change buttons!

Also ignore the people in the background. I asked my friend for a good fall sim and he suggested tempura island. Bad thing is that everyone and there brother seems to go to tempura island to take pictures. I just so happen to catch a few.

The boots in this look come from GOS (surl in credits). I have had a love for GOS boots back when he put out the 8 Hole Boots, so I was thrilled when he sent me these. They are well made 12 prim boots with a texture change menu which can change the color of the of the boots, the laces and the soles. The soles can be changed into nine different options. With the fatpack the boots can change into ten different color options. They are broken up into three groups

The Suedes:

The Leathers:

and the Tartans

Needless to say, these boots rock



Hair: Shag ~ Boys Don’t Cry (v.2) – blonde

Skin: Signature ~ Rob Faite Tone 3

Eyes: Exodi ~ Look Into My ~ Reflection Hazel

Nails: Love Soul ~ Mens Checker

Jacket: Reek ~ Papercut Cardigan ~ Forest

Shirt: Pig ~ Unisex V-Neck ~ Brown

Shorts: FIR ~ Smart Shorts Khaki

Socks: Emery ~ Socks Orchid Club v2 #Black

Boots: Gos ~ Desert Boots

Poses: Exposeur and MADesigns

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