So, you want to be blonde..

Due to the number of male blonde skins out there, I’ve decided to dedicate a whole blog to them. The skins  blogged are the ones I own. There are other blonde skins out there, these are just the ones I have at the moment.

Muism is first on my list with their new Trevor skin. The skin comes in three skin tones. The one above is called Milky, their palest tone. Each skin tone back comes with six different face options as well as the hairbase option. This skin will run you 1500 L$ which is cheap for what you get.

Next, we have a newer release from The Abyss called the ID line. The skin comes in four tones, above is the tone that comes with the Fallen Angel skin. The skin runs 2000 L$ and comes with two options. The first is the Fallen Angel (not shown in picture) which has dirt and bruises on it. The second would be the clean version. In addition the 2000 L$ price tag will get you a shape, eyes (both prim and texturebased), a male attachment, hair, and an alpha layer to hide your eyelashes.

An older blonde skins comes from the good people at Belleza with their Johan skin. This skin is HOT in the Sun Kissed tone. The skin cost around 2000L$ . For that price you get the skin with with and with out eyeliner, with or without chest hair, and with and without the hair base.

Above we have the newer skin from Zoobong. The Ocean 2.0 in the Pina Colada. If you want to go for a twinky look, I highly suggest this skin. The skin will run you 1850 L$. For that price you will get the skin with a brown hair base, a blonde hair base, and a bald one.

The newest to my blonde collection comes from PXL with their new Daniel skin. I bought the skin in Natural tone. The skin runs 1,900 L$, however if you join the group you get 190 L$ back from your purchase. That price gives you the skin in a clean shaving version as well as whatever facial hair you bought. For example above we have the stubble version. You also get body hair on undepant layers as well as a tattoo layer, Eyeliner on a 2.0 layer, and a male attachment with hud.

The last skin is the one that converted from a dark haired emo kid. To a tanner California blonde. It’s the Rob Faite skin from Signature. The skin runs for 2000 L$. For that price you get the skin with and without the hair base.


Other Credits:

Eyes: The Abyss ~ ID 1208-2_EYES [Celestial]

Nails: Love Soul ~ Mens Checker

Shorts: FIR ~ Smart Shorts Khaki

Poses: LAP

    • Gracie P
    • October 1st, 2010

    Blonde guy skins. Oh yes! So hard to find. Thank you!

    • Landaree Levee
    • October 2nd, 2010

    Nice article.
    There are quite a few more creators offering at least one reasonably blonde line of skins. Among them:
    – Unique: “Apolo” 2º generation, tone A4. The “Ethnic Skin – German” might also work, though it tends towards reddish.
    – Ricochet: “Daniel”, medium (light) and pale tones.
    – Ispachi: “Quentin”.
    – Dutch Touch: “Ian” line, option EBBlo-
    – TribalSoul: “Godric Albino” (this one is indeed *very* blonde).

  1. October 7th, 2010

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