The Evolution of Gabe Bookmite

I have not always been this pretty blonde boy you see sometimes on this blog. In fact, it took a while to get my shape and style to where it is today. Over my two years of SL I have changed my “official” look many times. Now when I mean Official I mean the skin, eyes, hair I put on after I play dress up.  I thought it would be fun to show you past Gabes, show you where I started and where I am now. Sadly though, this will not include shapes. I at one point deleted all old copies of my shape. However you will get to see the skin, eyes and hair of past Gabes

I start the post with this look above. I joined SL summer of 2008 but did not become active in it until fall 2008. Around that time I had a job and was working. Around this time I discovered that you could hook up your credit card to your secondlife accout. I bought some lindens and when crazy. The first ever skin I bought came from SOUL ( now called Unique) The skin I bought was called Apolo, I remember getting it because at first I wanted Gabe to look GOTH. The eyes I used for this look also came from SOUL. They were include in the fatpack of skins. I paired this up with the Rox hair from Action. I bought the fatpack of the hair so the color changed.

<Wanna see more old Gabes?>

Sometime in every male SLers life, they have owned or knew someone who owned a skin from the Scorpio by The Abyss. I got this skin not long after getting the one above after seeing it on a few people. Once more, I ended up getting the fatpack of this skin. I don’t know why, I was just a fatpack kind of person back then. I kept the same eyes as before because I honestly loved them. They sorta matched my Real life eyes. With the mind set of matching my avi to my real life self. I picked up this hair from ETD(which is closed) it was during one of their hair sales, I ended up getting it in the black pack, the blonde pack and a pack of rainbow colors.

After I got tired of looking like all of my friends, I switched over to the Ocean beach tan from Zoobong. Like before, I kept the same eyes. The reason for that was simple, I could always find them in search. Around this point I started wearing brown hair more often. The one I loved the most was from Uncle Web and was one of the first ponytail hairs I would come to own.

Subconsciously, my need to feel pretty kicked in by this look. Until the past looks above, I changed EVERYTHING about my look. I traded in the old eyes for ones from Aitui. My hair went black and I started using longer styles than I have been before. The one in the pictures comes from Truth. As for the skin, it came from Zanzo. When I bought it at first, I got it with freckles, but it looked way to young for my taste. I ended up settling with the stubbled

And then came the skin that changed everything. As you can tell from the looks above, I spent my time as a paler, dark haired man. But then, I got the Rob Fate skin from Signature and my SL life changed.  Along with the blonde skin come the love for hairs with saved bits (I even did a blog on it). One of my all time favorites come from Boon. As for eyes, for a while I kept the same eyes as the ones above. But I was started to get worried that blue eyes and blonde hair was too.. well.. Nazi Youth. So I tried on many eye colors and settled on hazel ones from Exodi.

Now, if I am honest there should be a look after this (seen here) but it was short lived. I ended up going back to the one above. THEN I ended up change my look again (Seen on MADimage ) But I switched back to the one above.

This is me now, I kept the Exodi Hazel eyes, and the Boon hair (Different style) but got a new skin, this time from Belleza. Truth be told, I was a little worried when I trade this skin on for the first time (The group gift) . In the past Belleza’s skins have made me look much older than I wanted to. But so far, with the new Owen skin, I am loving it.

So there you have it. Past versions of Gabe. I am sure I am not done changing. What fun is Sl with out the ability to change your look?

Other Credits:

Poses: LAP

    • Ashe Anthony
    • October 14th, 2010

    Thank you for sharing, this was a very interesting post! I love the amount, and levels of change you have done!

  1. You looked really good to begin with and throughout! You have a really great avi and you spent it well taking care of him!

    • Garrett
    • October 14th, 2010

    You’re sexy in everything

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