Halloween From Beefcake

With Halloween only 16 days away. I will be doing a bit more Halloween Costume post. Today’s post come from Beefcake.  I bought a few costumes, they are super sexy and is nothing more than undies and accessories. BUT men, if you want something a bit sexy these are for you.

The first outfit is their Black Devil Costume. The Devil costume comes with the breifs, the gloves, the boots, the mask, the horns and a tail. It also some in other colors but I think it looks sexy in black.

<more bellow>

Next, it’s the Cosmic Boy outfit from his super hero line. The costume comes with the boots, the gloves, the belt and the boots.

I got this outfit for lawls. I kinda have a navy fetish. It comes with the socks, the shoes, the hat and the neck thing (I don’t know what’s it’s called)

Last, I have the Rainbow Butterfly Costume. It comes with the gloves, the wings, the boots, the mask, and the head attachments. It’s a pretty sexy outfit and if you want to wear clothing you could and still use the mask and the wings.

They also have other outfits including a cop, angels, and power rangers. If you want a sexy costume for Halloween go ahead and check out Beefcake.

Other Credits:

Hair: MADesigns and CheerNo

Skin: LaVie

Eyes: MADesigns

Poses: LAP

    • Brandon Flowers
    • October 20th, 2011

    Where can I get this.. I tried clicking on the link and it didnt wrk.. PLZZZZ get back to me.. I love the devil one and the purple alien one.. PLZ GET BACK TO ME>>>>>

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