Remember Childhood.

CheerNo released a new winter line and I was lucky enough to be able to blog three of the outfits in the new line.

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I am going to start this off with my favorite outfit I was sent. The Prince Berg for the most part is an all white almost seemless jumpsuit. When you buy the outfit it comes with the tan fur vest, the white face mask, the necklace, and my favorite; the rabbit head ring. The outfit also some with a cardboard looking crown. I was not a huge fan of the crown so I chose not to wear it. What made this outfit my favorite is the fact the clothing layers is simply a white jumpsuit meaning if you wanted you could ignore the other items that come with this outfit and dress it up any way you find pleasing.

If you have been a follower of CheerNo you know that the designers had this odd thing with Micky Mouse. The Prince Guigo outfit brings that out again with it’s grungy, urban Micky like mouse head on the jacket. The hem, the collar and the sleeves of this jacket is lined with the same fur as the one before it. Under the jacket there are some tight fitting black leggings. One of the pant legs is rolled up to show a nice flash of skin. CheerNo completes this look with a pair of mouse ears. This outfit made me think of my childhood and my own mouse ears.

The last outfit is the Prince Mob (which was not up on the designers flickr page). This outfit has the same style jacket of the Guigo but the cool design of the Mouse head is replaced with a simple stripped design. Like wise this outfit is paired with black leggings this time with a knitted texture. The Mob outfit also comes with the rabbit ring and the crown.

Berg Credits:

Hair:  no.07 ~ Street Glam ~ Brown D

Skin: Kento ~ Josh T3 ~ Pure

Guigo Credits:

Hair:   CheerNo ~ Troylee Gold

Skin: CheerNo ~VenusGREED-Pale PONYTail Blond

Mob Credits:

Hair: Shag ~ High Fidelity ~ copper

Skin: PXL ~ Daniel Pale Face04 Red

In All Pictures:

Eyes: CheerNo ~ Fantastic Eyes blue 2

Nails: Love Soul ~ Mens-Checker

Outfits: CheerNo

Boots: CheerNo ~ Yaji Boots High (red and white)

Poses: LAP (Group) & Del May (Individual)

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