Street Smart

I have two new loves in my life. The first is the hair in this blog the second is the bag.


<more Bellow>

Every now and again the hair god Truth Hawks, whom is worshiped by almost every female I know throws us guys a bone.  Normally when he does it is a good bone, one we can chew on. This bone is great! His new Drake hair cost $250 linden per color pack. I got the blondes pack. With that price you get five different color options. BUT thats not what makes this hair great. What makes this hair great is the streak options. The 63 streak options! Lets do math here. 5 bases x 63 streak options = 315 different ways to wear!

My second love for today is the Durham Bag from NDS. When I saw the image of these on plurk I DROOLED no kidding! Once I was told they were at the sim I rush over and bought the fatpack which costs me L$1,000. Solo bags cost L$200 but I wanted them all. There are many reasons why I love this bag. The first being you can change the metal into seven different textures. Also, the bag has a holding pose in it that can be used with your ao. The animation, unlike other big bags I own, is truly unisexed.


Hair: Truth ~ Drake Streaked – barley

Eyes: MADesigns ~INDIVIDUAL ~ iceman

Skin: Belleza ~Owen Med

Coat:NSD ~ modern military jacket Black

Jeans: Valiant ~ Black V003 two-tone Jeans – Straight & Comfort w/belt

Glasses: Muism ~ Galliano


Bag: NSD ~ Durham Bag (Black)

Shoes: Gos ~ Desert Boots

Poses: LAP

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