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Normally, I am not one to use my own blog as a soapbox. Honestly I find it tacky. But over the past week, one of the projects I am proud to be a part of has been catching a lot of bad press from one man who calls himself a blogger. Thought this man is proven to show no respect for anyone but himself, I will respect him by not using his name or his blog url. Nor will I say how I really feel about him. No instead I will clear up a few misunderstandings you may have about this project I am in. You may have heard of it. It is called Menstuff.


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Let me start by saying, despite what anyone else may say, Menstuff did not steal MHOH. It is not trying to destroy it. MHOH destroyed itself.  In a way, we are THE official replacement for MHOH, You see during the fourth round of MHOH they had a MR.MHOH contest, the owners of the old group were going to deleted their group before the contest could end.  A friend (Rob1977 Moonites)  and I made the “Men’s Only Group” . We got Ivy Maverick permission to advertise our group in the MHOH group while it was still active. Ivy Maverick is the designer of Maverick and has been an active part of the MHOH since day one (in fact she was one of the owners of the first group) and was in charge of Mr.MHOH.

The name “Men’s Only Group” ended up being a tab bit sexiest so we scrapped the name and created Menstuff. Other then finishing the Mr.MHOH, Menstuff relied on it’s own power. We made our own logo, we made our own blog, we invite our own designers. It is easy to take someone’s group name and add a number after it and call it your own. It is easy to take someone’s logo and call it your own. It is harder to do it on your own. In January we are starting a hunt. If you are a designer and would like to be a part of it please send me a NC or an IM inworld. My inworld name is Gabe Bookmite.


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