And his name is CALEB

LeLutka released a ginger skin. At first I was a little upset. Normally, while I love LeLutka skins, they always seem to look bad on my avi. It’s not that the skin is bad, it’s just I am lazy and don’t want to mod my shape But with the Caleb skin, I really had no issues.


The LeLutka skin some with great freckle detail on the face and body, which makes it my favorite ginger skin to date. Because the muscle detail is not so beefcake(For lack of better words) on this skin I am not sure how it will look on a bigger avatar but on a slimmer one it looks great. The skin comes in three different shades. Above is the light shade which ironically is the darker tone.

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The skin for the fatpack will run you $L 3500.  While you can buy the skin outside of the fatpack I am unsure you get the same goodies. With that price you get the skin with four different face options. You also get the skin without the bald base.

Also included in the pack you get a 2.0 body hair layer. They also have these on the underpant and undershirt layers.

Now what makes LeLutka worth the price is it’s hair. With ever skin you also get two hairs excursive to that project

The same thing is true with the ginger Caleb skin. The hair on the left remind me of an old style they had called Silvo.  The one on the right is my favorite if the two. It’s just a simple hawk.

In addition to the time above, you also get a shape and a male attachment which LeLutka calls “HOMME INTIMATES” Classy name for a penis isn’t?

Other Credits:

Eyes: MADesigns ~ PROMISE ~ green 15

Poses: Exposeur

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