What’s your fix? Blog challenge

Today I am doing a blog challenge that the lovely miss Strawberry Singh has offered.  This week the challenge was to blog about one of our fixes. Or in other words, something we can’t live without.  Now it may seem cliche and an easy answer to take when you are a blogger. But fashion is my fix.

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Maybe “Fashion” isn’t the right word. After all when it comes to fashion, I really know nothing. In real life, I don’t follow fashion trends. I wear what I want and what feels good. Nor do I know anything about the Fashion World. You could ask me about a designer and I will look at you like you asked me about some banker guy who lives in the UK.

I have gotten negivive feedback on my blog and elsewhere about my views of fashion. One guy even said he unfollowed all the fashion feeds that sync with my blog because of me. Right before that a designer in SL made rude comments about my fashion choices.  To these people and most of SL

when it comes to men. A simple variation of suit. Nothing fun. Nothing exciting.  Every once in a while a nice jacket that they wear shirtless and a pair of jeans that normally have holes in it Which is okay every once in a while.  But me. I am not happy with a suit. I am not happy when blah blah. I will take your fashion paint it pink and throw some feathers on it.

expresses who I am in ways I cannot in real life. It sets me apart from the norm. It gives me a Voice.

I may no nothing about fashion. But I know what looks good. I may shop at thrift stores, but I know how to put an outfit together. I may have size 13 feet in real life, but in Seconlife I can rock heels better then any female can. My fix is expressing, my fix in creativity, my fix is fashion… Done in heels.


Hair: booN ~ JAI233  blonde

Eyes: MADesigns ~INDIVIDUAL ~ iceman

Skin: Belleza ~Owen Med

Shirt: AOHARU~ BT PleatsShirt White

Corset: Kyoot Army ~ Scarlet Stripes Austere Corset

Pants: four.ARSENIC ~Regals ~Onyx

Mask:  Get bent ~ Masked (Clean)

Neck attachment clothing layer: Kyoot Army ~ Wilted Wednesday Vest

Neck attachment Prim: Baiastice ~ Baiastice_Bigbolero & waspie necklace Collar (old item for a halloween hunt two years ago. unsure if they sell i still)

Gloves: CheerNo ~ Diamond Gloves – Black

Heels: Maitreya ~ Aequus Black

Poses: Exposeur (Close up) Del May (Fullbody)

    • Bronson Twine
    • November 4th, 2010

    Excellent post, Gabe.
    Keep doing what you do. Keep wearing what you want to wear and keep being you.

    • Aldero Akami
    • November 4th, 2010


  1. You rock, I love your style! ❤

  2. Style really is about individuality and this goes without saying in RL and SL. If you can wear something comfortably and confidently, bitch strut it.

    You rock, sir. Excellent post.

  3. ❤ This! Stay you! Haters be gone!

  4. More heels and feathers! \o/

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