Egoism is a oldish store that really gets no blog cover. While most people may know them for their ties to Gor, they have some nice wearable items, skins and shoes.

The shirt in the picture comes from Egoism. What is cool about the shirt is that it comes with five different collar options.

<More bellow>

The pants, shoes,  and skin are also from Egoism.

The skin I think is very hot with very sexy details on the body. What’s cool and unique about this skin is the bald base. It is made to match the basic outline of a mohawk.

The skin also comes with body hair

Which is  dead sexy if I say so myself


Hair: no.07 ~ Street Glam – Brown D

Hairbase:no.07 ~ Army Brown

Eyes: MADesigns ~ PROMISE ~ green 15

Skin: Egoisme ~ Armand Pale Normal

Shirt: Egoisme ~ Shirt Zebra

Pants: Egoisme ~ Leather Pant ~ dark fine leather

Necklace: MStyle ~ Deer Necklace – black

Bracelet: Egoisme ~ Ame Sauvage – Zebra – Bracelet

Shoes: Egoisme ~ Shoes Snake bronze

Poses:  Exposeur

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