It’s that time again for another blog challenge from Miss Berry. This week we had to share a childhood Anecdote. I had to google the word Anecdote. It means an amusing or interesting story about a real incident or person. So here we go. Here is a story about why I am know to say “I’m Pretty”

<oh no>

Ever since I was young I have always had this love for peacocks. I never really understood why until a few years ago. I was watching animal plant or discovery channel(I am not sure which one). They were running a special on mating pattern of birds. Turnings out in the bird world, the males are the prettier ones. Ever since I can remember, I have always wanted to be pretty. This need to be pretty was not because I was gay, it was more of an attention thing.

You see when I was two, my sister was born. Being the families first girl she got a lot of attention. “Oh she’s soo cute.” “Isn’t her dress pretty.”. When I got older I started to notice they spent  more money on her then they did on me. For example. One Christmas my grandparents got her this really big porcelain doll. And I got a pack of hot wheels. When I asked my mom why she got a doll she said “Because your sister is pretty like one don’t you think?”

Now, let me say this. I never at one point wanted to be a girl. I just wanted to be pretty. Which is why I make Gabe pretty. Gabe is my little doll and with him I can be a peacock.


Now on a side note. I don’t know why I think the whole sock over pant thing looks cool. If I saw a guy with socks over his pantlegs in real life i’d laugh. But in SL I like it. I like it so much that I used it here and here.

Also now I have that Katy Perry song a stuck in my head D:


Hair: CheerNo ~YALLI Ocean 7.01C

Eyes: MADesigns ~INDIVIDUAL ~ iceman


Nails: Mstyle ~ Perfect Male Nails ~ B&W+

Coat: blakopal ~ Peacock Suit Jacket (part of outfit)

Shirt: T.Whore ~ Tank Top Boy  Yellow

Pants: four.ARSENIC ~Regals ~Onyx

Socks: SiniStyle ~ Tube Yellow

Boots: Gos ~Docs V2 ~8 Hole

Poses: Del May

  1. OMG LOLLLL I love you so much. I laughed so hard! And you are totally pretty. <333

  2. Love this Gabe! Your pretty for sure!

  3. aww, you are pretty.

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