Gabe and Garrett

It’s another Berry’s Blog Challenge and since today is my six months anniversary with my partner, todays challenge seems to fit in well. We are suppose to blog about something we love in SL. While there are many things in SL that I love, Garrett Ceriano is the one I love most.

<Ew gayness>

Garrett and I met over plurk. We have seen eachother at the club I work at a few times but never really hung out. We started talking to each other all the time and one thing lead to the next and we talked about dating. May 23rd he says I officially claimed him. We wanted to be sure we both wanted a relationship with each other before kinda going public with it.

Our first official couples picture was taken at an SL prom. I didn’t let him see what I was wearing until the night of. If you follow my blog you know I love those Love Soul nails. Garrett decided to match with checkers nails of his own. (Credits for this picture won’t be given D: it was a LONG time ago)

Six months later, and I still love him. Sometimes it feels like we just started dating because we are learning new things about one another each day. Sometimes if feels longer because we know how to push each others buttons.


  1. awwwww such a sweet post. Happy 6 months to you both and happy birthday to Garrett. ❤

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