He walks the streets one11

Before I start. I would like to thank the staff and designers who took part of the one11event. For those you don’t know, one11 is a fashion event. A landmark can be found here —–> I is a landmark. Here are a few things I love.

<more bellow>

As you can see. I created a look using the one11 items. However I would also like to show case what I bought

The first item I bought comes from Kari. At the price of 500 L$, you get the two shirts show above with all clothing layers. There is also a prim cuff option. In addition to the shirts, you also get matching hanging spenders.

The BALACLAVA jackets For men, were the steal of the day. At the price of 300 L$ you got he jacket in both Navy and Black. The jacket comes with two collar attachments. One with a double collar and a tie and one with just the jacket color. What I love about this jacket is that it can be worn so many different ways. Above, on the right, I am not wearing one of the attachment points and it looks like a whole new jacket.

The jeans I used for the look come fro, Valiant. At one11 they are priced for 800 L$. The price gets you the jeans in the colors show above. The jeans come with many cuff options including a straight leg which is not show in the picture above. The jeans also some with a wearable flower which is color change and attaches on the hip (show above) or in the hand.

The last item and most talked about comes from Surf Co. And they are her Paperboy boots. These boots will run you 3,750 L$. For that price you get the boots in three colors with socks. Now 3,750 may seem like a lot. But the leave of detail and the sock option (The socks change into 12 different colors and you could mix and match socks) makes up for that price. Though you can’t see it the side where the buckles are, the flap puckers out a bit. You also have to remember in all of sl there will only be 111 of these ever in the grid.

Other Credits:

Hair: Dura ~ Boys&Girls06 Twine

Eyes: MADesigns ~INDIVIDUAL ~ iceman

Skin: Belleza ~Owen Med

Poses:  Del MayExposeurLAP

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