In the night

The owners of DNA were nice enough to send me review packs of their two newer skin lines. I meant to blog them sooner but I was having computer issues. But lucky I have them it all fixed. Here is my review of the Axel and the Damien lines.

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I am going to start with the Damien. It’s a skin with a black base with a yummy body.

The skin comes in three tones, no body hair option. The ab detail is sexy but if you are looking for a lesser define body this isn’t the skin for you

The skin also comes with 10 face options. I goofed up and only showed 9 or the ten. My favorite face options would be the sideburns 2 option. They are mini looking mutton chops. Like all male skins now a days you have the option of a hair base or the basic bald head.

The next skin is the Axel skin. The Axel skin is a lighter haired skin. While I am sure it was made to be a blonde skin, it’s more of a strawberry blonde so I am thinking it COULD pass with a light copper hair color for those ginger men out there.

They too also some in three tones. The body is less buff for those who wish to have a slimmer looking avatar

The sink has five basic face options including the four above and this one here, which is a chin strap.

Now while the Axel skin doesn’t have as many base options as Damien skin, it does have a freckle option with each of the bases.


Skin: DNA ~ Axel and Damien all tones

Eyes: MADesigns ~ NATURE ~ Sunset green (Damien) and Exodi ~ Soulful Eyes – Gray (Axel)

Hair: No.07 ~ Street Glam – Black (Damien)  Truth ~ Drake – strawberry (Axel)

Undies: No.07 ~ FUNdies ~ White (Damien) Vitamen ~ BlackSheerBrief DesignNo012

Socks: Pig ~ Socks Mit Suspenders – Clean White Sock (I think Pig is  moving)



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