And They Danced.

Starting today though the rest of the week I am going to TRY to blog with someone else. Today, the lovely Foxy Innis joins me. She connected me and asked if I wanted to be in a blog with her. I agreed. At first we were going to do sexy Pirates but we ended up doing our own twist on the popular ballet movie ” The Black Swan”

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Above is my white swan/trying to match Foxy look.  You would be amazed at the lack of high drama white pieces in the SL world. Though the outfit is not all white like I hoped, I liked the turn out of it. The shoulder piece comes from LeLutka, since I bought it I think I only wore it twice, so I was happy I got to use it again. Two looks in a row and I am showing off my nipples yet again. What can I say? I love corsets.


Hair: vive9 ~ Fredja in Jenny

Eyes: MADesigns ~INDIVIDUAL ~ iceman

Skin:CheerNo ~ Brent Blond Pale Base Shav

Make Up: Kletva ~ MakeUp#1 Drama

Nails: Love Soul ~ Mens Checker

Coat: Out of the Blue ~ Steampunk Shortcoat Vest White (not sure if the store is stilla round)

Corset: Kyoot Army ~ Stripes Austere Corset

Pants: 4 Arsenic ~ Regal jeans (Dove)

Shoulder: LeLutka ~ LeL.Ultra MITHRA shoulder tassles

Feet: Slink ~ Jolie Barefoot Tiptoes

Poses: Del May,



Foxy’s outfit was closer to the “Black Swan” feel. I adore the shirt, so big and puffy. Funny story about the skirt, when we went to go take pictures Foxy has already picked a pose, We got it and like most flex skirts, the prims drifted down covering me completely, her skirt also parted. Lucky she was wearing undies.

For Foxy’s Credits please check out her blog.


  1. February 12th, 2011

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