Plum, it’s a fruit, a name of someone in the boardgame  Clue, and it’s a color.  It’s also one of the colors Luna challenged us with.

I had a few items named “Plum” in my inventory and because I didn’t want to go too crazy and where all plum I picked three items. The first would be this coat from Fir & Mna. If you read my first and only Friday Favorites you know I am a huge fan of their store. The shirt vest combo was also named Plum, which I find kinda amazing. To me it’s more of a pink than a plum, but hey what ever. The last “Plum” item would be the eyes.

<there is always more bellow>

See the shadow on the ground. Oh yeah PS Skills. Sadly, even though I bought my computer in December of last year. it’s graphics card is old, so I cannot do shadows. *sigh* But I can make horrid attempts in making them in photoshop. If you’re in the same boat as I am can I get a woot woot?


Hair: MADesigns ~ ROVE ~ Dark Brown I

Eyes: MADesigns ~ INNOCENCE eyes autumn plum


Jacket: FIR & MNA ~ The Dorset Coat Plum

Shirt: BalAni ~ stripes vest plum

Pants: Valiant ~ Washed Tortoise V003 – Straight & Comfort

Necklace: Sekuella ~GUN UNISEX

Shoes: UBU ~ PornStar Lo-Tops

Poses: LAP

  1. Yes, I gotta check this skin out! Thanks Gab!

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