CheerNo has a new male skin out at Skin Fair. It is a sexy skin with hair options for almost anyone.

Looking at the last CheerNo skin review I did. Reese and Brent look completely different from one another. While Brent has a smoother face, Reese has a sexy chin dimple that made me swoon.

I also want to point out the hairs in the picture above (except for the one on the left) are new from CheerNo as well. These can be found at CheerNo’s mainstore.

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Body wise, Reese is the sexiest skin yet. Like most of CheerNo’s releases the skin comes in three tones. In this picture I am also wearing the three body hair options that comes with each skin

The Reese skin comes in three hair base colors, blonde, dark and Ginger making the skin pretty much for anyone. Each hair base comes with six facial hair options. Like skins now a days you get an old school bold base, and a hair base with each face option.

These is however an exception to the rule. The Malibu option.

On like the options above, the Malibu is not just one color. The eye brows and the facial hair is darker while the hair base is blonde. Just like the ones above you can choose between six different face options. The only real difference with this skin other than the two different hair colors is, while in the skins above you get a bald option. The same is not true with the Malibu

When it comes to price, one face option in one tone will cost you around 880L, which honestly is pretty cheap. However if you want more than one face option I would highly recommend buying the fat pack. At the price of 3700L you would be paying for the six face options at 616L a piece saving 1580L.

Like all of CheerNo Skins, you get more than just the skin for that price. Included with the skin are, the body hair layers shown above, the eyes also used in these pictures, a pair of those eyes in what CheerNo calls locked form (Pretty much prim eyes but they are one attachment point and attach to the mouth so you’re eyes don’t move around a lot during pictures, an eyeliner tattoo layer, lashes, a male attachment and a hud for said male attachment.


Jeans: Valiant ~ Black V003 two-tone Jeans

Poses: LAP

    • Garrett
    • February 25th, 2011

    Love the new layout! ❤ And the Ginger look ofc.

  1. April 7th, 2011

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