Old Cerise things remixed

So, this blog does three things. The first is, Luna’s color channeling I am on cerise right now and have 11 more colors to go before I catch up. The other thing is it also kinda half assedly completes the “Something Old” Challenge posted by Achariya.

The very last thing is does is this, before Gabie Glam I and a blog over on Blogspot called “The Wonderings of Gabe Bookmite” Sooner or later I am going to remix a few of my favorite styles from there and post them here. On September 2nd I did a look called “The Prince“, this look is/was important due to the fact that this was the first time I was invited to show case my style in a Magazine. While the Magazine is no longer, I still love this look

If you look at “The Prince” and this look you can see a few clear differences. The first is, I got ride of the puffy shoulder thing, while I love it, I didn’t like it for the update. I also swapped out the hair, the crown (for the head phones), the collared shirt and the shoes. Like I said before this is also the “Something Old” challenge. The items in this look that you can no longer buy are the hair,  and the stockings. I will credit the items down bellow for those who may have these in their inventory. The belt and head phones which were part on an excursive outfit, those two pieces have been added to a later outfit


Hair: ETD ~ Roxie ~Cerise

Eyes: MADesigns ~ INDIVIDUAL  iceman

Skin:CheerNo ~ Brent Blond light Base Shav

Tanktop: momo~musical top grape

Under Shirt: AOHARU ~ BT StripeShirt White

Shorts: CheerNo ~ Madame – Eldora

Stockings:  TOAST ~ Striped socks

Headphones: aC.Std ~ ValentineMUSICAL Headphones (Part of CheerNo‘s Joelle outfit)

Gloves: Emery ~ Gloves #Egg

Belt: aC.Std ~ ValentineMUSICAL Belt (Part of CheerNo‘s Joelle outfit)

Boots: Gos ~ GTFO Urban Boot (Bubble gum)

Pose: Exposeur


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