He’s a Rebel

I have always oddly been attracted to smokers. I don’t know why, maybe it’s the sucking and blowing thing. But when I see a hot guy with a ciggerette hanging from his lips, it’s over. Like pants off grabbing at the guy over.

Now that I either freaked out out, or turned you on lets get to the blog. Yes It’s one of Luna’s Color challenges. Green this time. In the yellow post remember how I said that in my mind Gingers and Hippies go hand and hand. Well the same thing goes with the color Green.

Now, other than smoking, I also have a thing for cowboy boots. Well, boots in general. But I like cowboy boots. The boots go perfect with this western style shirt from Pig.


Hair: TRUTH ~ Kymberly ~  Pumpkin

Eyes: CheerNo ~Expression Green

Skin:CheerNo ~ ReeseGINGER Pale BD 4 Shav (skin fair item)

Shirt: Pig ~ Fancy Marfa Green

Pants: Muism ~ Kirk jeans/Black_Dirt

Cig: Primitive Design ~cigarette – xx long ash

Boots: hoorenbeek ~ Cowboy Boots

Poses: Exposeur

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