You know what kinda annoys me? When people go “Ew why are you wearing a sweater, it’s spring” I’ll tell you why Mr/Ms nosie. It’s cold still. I know understand where winter ends and spring starts. I never got how people figured that out. So what a little animal saw it’s shadow and that means spring is over? I call bull shit. BUUULLL SHIT.

This morning when I was getting ready do go to school I put on normal hoodie, it’s pretty thick and keeps me warm, kinda. I take the bus to school and on my way to the bust stop the wind started kicking in. I thought to myself “Gee, I have to wait for almost an hour for this bus, wait for the metro (a metro is kinda like a subway) and wait for another bus. I better go put something warm on.” So I did I ran home, run up stairs (almost tripped) and grabbed a sweater and put it on. MmM Warmth. But BUT when it took off my hoodie in my class some annoying thing. This thing that is always warm gave me a look and said in a snooty voice “Eeer, Why are you wearing a sweater?!” Because it’s cold!

I think designers in both real life and secondlife kinda have the same “An animal told us it was spring” mind set. During fall and winter, designers in second life make amazing sweaters and scarfs and coats. The blogger world gets on this and blogs winter/fall looking looks. (Which I find ironic because secondlife doesn’t have seasons.). However around something changes, all of a sudden designers and bloggers collectively go “GAH HATE WINTER” and pack up their winter/fall items. I on the other hand am not, not until it feels spring here in my real life.

Oh yeah and color challenge. Sienna



Hair: Dura~ Boy 17 Sienna (Comes with 2.0 hairbase)

Eyes: MADesigns ~ PROMISE ~ blue 11

Skin: KENTO ~ Cherish_T3 – Pure (freckles)

Sweater: SF Design ~ wrap up knitted jacket sienna mens Jacket

Under shirt: FIR & MNA ~ Trevour Cardigan Dark Teal

Jeans:   Valiant ~Washed Tortoise V003 two-tone Jeans

Boots: Reek ~ Autumn Boots – Sienna

Poses: LAP

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