I normally don’t share where I take my pictures for my blogs. Honestly, normally, I take them at my house or home sim and I am not sure how my neighbor will feel if random people tp in to take pictures. But, the place I took my blog pictures today was so amazing and pretty I had to share.

The new Exodi & WoE, homes of the Exodi and WoE main stores (go figure) feels like a desert or a small farming town. It’s a great place to take pictures and to shop.

Once again I am playing catch up to Luna and her 52 color challenge. I am on 12 right now and currently Luna is on 19. The color for today is taupe.  The only item I had that was Taupe was a poor quality tanktop so I hit up Secondlife Marektplace and found this sweater. While the front of the sweater is rather unisex looking, the back does have a square cut out which could be an issue with some guys. However, by playing with layers and adding a jacket the cut out is covered up.


Hair: LeLutka ~ Rain hair – IrishRed

Eyes: Exodi ~ Reflective Eyes – Storm

Skin: CheerNo ~ ReeseGINGER_Pale BD 3 Shav

Nail: Love Soul ~ Mens Checker

Jacket:Love-In-Idleness ~  Holy Jacket [Noir]

Sweater: Fishy Strawberry ~ Jewelled Cashmere Sweater – Taupe

Pants: 4 Arsenic ~ Regal jeans (Dove)

Piercings: HoD ~Dimpled Piercing – Silver Lining

Boots: DECO ~ Test Boots – Newsprint

Poses: Exposeur

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