You know that deep V neck shirt I like and use so much from This is a Fawn. Well I am using it again in this look. But that’s not the story. Here is the story. I am still doing Luna’s color thing and todays color is Emerald. So I go ahead and search it and a few things came up, Some elf suit from Bare Rose, Suspender socks, and suspenders from Pig and an Emerald deep V neck from This is a Fawn.

So I think “Oh great let me wear it.” and go to put it on. Who ever I run into a little issue.


At first for this look, I have planned on wearing a vest over the shirt so I need a shirt and pant layer for the deep v neck. When these shirts came out, I bought the fat pack. The issue with that was I am missing some layers. Now I don’t know if it’s me accidently deleting them (That is possible) or if I never got them (also possible) all I know is I didn’t have them.

So, Instead of Iming the store owner and being like “Oh hey I need blah blah..” I figure I go and just rebuy them. No big deal. I go to the store and I am looking and looking, and I can’t find them. SO, I start freaking out going “OMG OMG”. I use these shirts a lot in my looks and have been forever. And I was sure that she took them away. HOWEVER, right when I was ready to tp away, I found them. Now I don’t know if you ever been to This is a Fawn, but it’s a small store, it’s hard to get lost in it. But some how I did. Now that I have the shirts, I tried it with the vest and HATED it. The Vest I wanted to use had the same V cut as the shirt and it just looked silly. So I just took it off. All this time for nothing.


Hair:  Anaphora ~ Booch Umber

Eyes:  kermes ~ Cosmo Eyes – dark green

Skin:  CheerNo ~ ReeseGINGER_Pale BD 3 Shav

Shirt: This is a Fawn ~ Deep V-Neck in Emerald

Undershirt: Pig ~ Guayabera U – Waterfall

Pants:  Young Urban ~ Norfolk Pants Khaki

Glasses:Reek ~Aeroplane Shades

Shoes:FIR & MNA ~ Gumshoes Black


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