So you want to be a Ginger

In secondlife, I have been every natural hair color. From brown, to black and blonde.  A few months ago, I made up mind and chose to give Ginger a go. Lucky, for those who also wish to go ginger, There are many skin stores that offer Ginger skins for men. Here are a few.

The first Ginger skin I ever bough comes from Dutch Touch and is simply called “Red”. While this skin is older than the others on my list, it is still pretty sexy. For 1000 Linden, the skin comes with both a clean shaving and a Goatee options as well as a hairbase. A shape and an eyebrow shaper is also included in this pack. The skin comes in three tones. I am using the cream tone in this picture


The next ginger skin comes from PXL. I first got this skin as a review for the “Call for Couture”. PXL now sales the Daniel skin with red hair at their mainstore. Only issue is the red hair option only comes in the tone above. The cool thing is though, each face option comes with a clean shaving option. At 1900 Linden (Group members get a 10% discount. Discounted price not listed because I suck at math.) the skin comes with full body freckles on a tattoo layer, eyeliner on a tattoo layer, a male attachment and a hud to control said male attachment.

The redhaired Adam skin from Miasnow is the cheapest on my list. The skin comes in two face options both at 599 linden each. However buying the two together is only 800 linden for a savings of 398 lindens. The skin, if you get the fatpack come with both face options, those options with and without a hair base, a shape and an eyebrow shaper. Like the PXL skin, this skin only comes in one tone

Next on our list is Lelutka with their Caleb Ginger skin. The Caleb skin comes in three tones, in the picture I am wearing the “light” tone. Each tone comes with four different face options. Each option is 1750 linden, 3500 linden for the fatpack saving you 3500 linden. Induced in the cost for both a solo skin or the fatpack, you get two hair styles that are exclusive to this skin, body hair on both tattoo and undershirt/pant layers, a shape, and eyebrow shaper, and a male attachment with hud.

The last and final skin comes from Cheerno. It is their Reese skin. I did a full review of the Reese skins when I got them during skinfair. I will link the post here

If none of these skins do it for you, There is also a ginger male skin from a small store called Mons. The link will take you to the designers flickr page.

Two skin stores HOPEFULLY will be releasing new ginger skins. The first is Sacred skins, I blogged their group gift which was a skin with ginger eye brows. Also, Cheerno has a new skin in the works.  Like the Reese skin release ginger brows will be included.

Other credits:


Pants: MADesigns ~ INDIVIDUAL – melancholy


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