Lazy Friday

It’s Friday Friday got to get down on Friday. Though most hate the song by Miss Rebecca  Black, I adore the song. It’s a nice and silly pop song that makes me smile. Anyways with that being said. It is friday which means a few things. The first is, I don’t have school so I didn’t bother looking pretty today, and the second is, it’s Fifty linden friday. This week there are a few items for men out there, three different store offerings. For this look I am only using one, but I will link y’all to the flickr pages of the others.

The fifty linden friday item in this picture are the boots that come from Deco. This week, you can buy the boots in black or pink. More colors are being released at a later date. How do I know this? Well the owner of Deco was nice enough to send me a pack of them.

The other items come from Young Urban, and Artilleri. Artilleri’s item is a nice bowling shirt (Click here for picture) I liked it so much that I made my partner buy it. Young Urban‘s item is a western green shirt which I wore in this look (Click here)

Other Credits:

Hair: Clawtooth ~ Could I Resist? – Salty

Eyes: MADesigns ~ INDIVIDUAL – melancholy

Skin: Antebellum &Bean ~ Northern Lights – light no brows & no body hair (For sale at the Fir & Mna mainstore)

Nails: Love Soul ~ Mens Checker

Sweater: NSD ~ EmberCardigan Black

Shirt: Pig ~ Uncle Charlie’s Band J Red

Pants: Valiant ~ Black V003 two-tone Jeans

Poses: Miamai (Pose fair item)

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