Going to Dallas.

CheerNo is at it again with a new skin. Move over Brent and Reese, there is a new cowboy in town and his name is Dallas.

Dallas is a super sexy skin with a nice body and dramatic face that CheerNo is know for. The torso is super sexy and comes with a hint of shine to it which makes the skin look lickable. All and all this is a quility skin for 880 Linden (per tone).

<more bellow>

The Dallas comes in six tones, Nubian being the darkest, bronze, Tan, Sunkissed, Light and Pale being the lightest.  Nubian and Pale are my favorites of the six.

Unlike the past skin releases, there are no facial hair options on the skin. CheerNo now sales facial hair and make up on tattoo layers. These are seperat. However when you buy the Dallas skin you can pick three different hair bases, Blonde, Dark and Ginger. The base comes with three tattoo layers for the face, Eyeliner, Freckle (the freackles continue on the body.) and blush.

Body hair tattoo layers are also including in the skin. While I am not a huge fan of body hair, I like how the skin comes with three different thickness.

Also innculed in the skin are a male attachment, a hud to make the attachment hard or soft, prim eyes, normal eyes and eye lashes.


Hat: Reek  ~ Ween Cowboy Hat

Shirt:  Mr.Poet ~ Off shoulder shirt RedPlaid

Pants: Juice ~ Beat-Up Jeans Low Cut

Boots: hoorenbeek ~ Cowboy Boots

Tattoo:Rockerswear~ Meadow’s Guns (Store closed)

All poses by Exposeur

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