Love is the War zone

The corset in this look is one of my favorites. It was the first I ever wore in secondlife and since than it has been a staple in my stylings. What makes me like it even more is  I got it in an odd manner of fashion.

When I made my female avatar I was looking for free clothing for her. I found this one lingerie shop that gave a free outfit to avatars under 30 days old. I picked this one because at the time my only sl income was winning contests at clubs and I though this sexy little number would win my alt some money.

When I got bored of my alt, I sent all her copy stuff to my main.  Which is how I got it. At first I was just going to give it away but one of the clubs I used to go to had a Rocky Horror night and it has been in my inventory ever since.


Hair:Shag ~  Soldier Boy V2 – black

Eyes: MADesigns ~ PROMISE ~ blue 11

Skin: Tableau Vivant ~ Vincent February

Jacket:  Ladies Who Lunch ~Money jacket

Corset: Szentasha Fashions ~ Hexed Corset

Shirt:Tableau Vivant ~ Costume design~ Aeneas 1

Pants: Ladies Who Lunch ~ Money Pants

Eyepatch:  B@R ~ Figaro Eyepatch Type B

Boots: DECO ~ Vincent Boot (black)

All poses by Long Awkward Poses

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