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MFW Miamai, Tableau Vivant

Modavia Fashion week is upon us. This year there are quite a few male items showing in the fashion week. Here are two outfits for men from the designers of Miamai and Tableau Vivant. Some of the clothing items used in this blog post are only available at the Modavia sim. Those items will be in bold. Some of the times in this blog post were sent to me as review items

True to form, Miamai released very high Couture pieces. The dramitce size of The Begtse Pants along with the lace detailing makes them very eye catching. The Skanda jacket with the same lace detail, fur, beading and exposed areas make it a perfect pair for the pants. The pants also come in white. The jacket however only comes in black. Hopefully a white one will be released in the future.

To complete the look, I went with a new skin from  Tableau Vivant called Zero, and one of MADesigns  new couture hairs called Alys. Also used in this look was body hair from, the birk beard in black from Nanuk  and the Northern Lights hairbase with eyebrows from Antebellum &Bean which I tinted black to match the hair.

Taking a step back from their normal Couture style. Tableau Vivant went casual for some of their MFW pieces.  The Double shirt in white is perfect for a layered look. I paired them with the Prometheus pants. These pants are a nice sleek black color with a cool metal detailing on the back.

The avatar is styled with the same base and beard as above. The hair is one of my new favorites from Taketomi called Hans. The skin is still from Tableau Vivant but from their older Vincent line in December. The Golden studdes shoulder pads are also from Tableau Vivant. I added the amazing bare feet from Slink  and one of my favorite nail arts from Love Soul.

In both looks, I am also wearing Northstar eyes from Exodi and using poses from  Del May.



Indian Fever

Cheerno’s new fall/summer line, called Native, takes face paint, head dresses and accessories of native coutures and pair it with modern pants, vest and tank tops. I was lucky enough to get a copy of CheerNo’s full line of clothing. I included the name of the outfit under each picture.


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Everything that is Drama

With Couture Shock now open to the public, I figure I show of more swag. Most of the items used come from a new brand called Tableau Vivant. If you like Glam Affair, you will love this new brand. Along with Tableau Vivant, I am also using hairs from Shag and Plume.


Hair:Shag ~ Army of Me – cashmere (Couture Shock Item)

Eyes:MADesigns ~ PROMISE ~ blue 11

Skin:CheerNo ~ Dallas – Blond – Pale

Outfits: Tableau Vivant~ Metrosexual line ~ Cyril (Couture Shock Item)

Shoes:Bandit ~ Max Golf shoe black & white

Poses, sets and birds: Tableau Vivant~ The Crow Stage

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Omo People

This is the second blog for Culture Shock. The items come from Lazy Bum.

The item is called Omo People, it comes with one face paint and one head dress. Both of these options are donation items.

Other Credits:

Eyes:  Exodi ~  Zbilja Eyes

Skin:DNA ~ CJ TYPE 3 HAIR Shaved


Sunny day

I got asked to blog for Culture Shock 2011. Instead of explaining what it is I will link the blog here.  I will explain that in each store there are donation items which go to the charity, look for the D in the credits. The items with D in the credits are part of the event and won’t be open to the public until May 1st

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Going to Dallas.

CheerNo is at it again with a new skin. Move over Brent and Reese, there is a new cowboy in town and his name is Dallas.

Dallas is a super sexy skin with a nice body and dramatic face that CheerNo is know for. The torso is super sexy and comes with a hint of shine to it which makes the skin look lickable. All and all this is a quility skin for 880 Linden (per tone).

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CheerNo has a new male skin out at Skin Fair. It is a sexy skin with hair options for almost anyone.

Looking at the last CheerNo skin review I did. Reese and Brent look completely different from one another. While Brent has a smoother face, Reese has a sexy chin dimple that made me swoon.

I also want to point out the hairs in the picture above (except for the one on the left) are new from CheerNo as well. These can be found at CheerNo’s mainstore.

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The New DNA skins

DNA released two new skins. They each go for 1450 $L per face option. When I went to the sim to check on prices I did not see a fatpack option.


The first skin is DNA’s new Cj skin. I am really glad I got this skin as a review. I always wanted to buy a black skin but never brought myself to do it.

Like all of the DNA skins I never got to review, they come in three tones. The skin is smooth with no body hair and a nice backside. The skin also comes in ten different face options

The options are mainly different kinds of facial hair. However there is an eyeliner option for those ego kids out there. One thing I love about the skin is the lips. They look nice and think and juice.

The other new skin is the Brady skin. It’s a lighter skin with less muscle detail than the CJ skin.

Again, it comes in three different tones. My favorite one is the pale one. Like the CJ skin Brady also comes in ten different face options.

I don’t know if he was trying to do this, but the face looks very Hispanic around the eyes. I love the face on these skins on my shape. It gives the eyes a bit of sadness.

Other credits:

Eyes: MADesigns ~INDIVIDUAL ~ iceman

Poses:  Exposeur

Friday Favorites: Bare Necessities

So, I am doing something new with my Blog. Every Friday I am going to do a blog post of some of my favorite items in Secondlife. This week I am show casing my five favorite basic clothing items. These items I use A LOT in my blog post, or they are my go to items when I get dressed.

The first item comes from This is A Fawn. Above  It’s a very nice store with a few great mens items. HOWEVER none of them come close to her Deep V-tees. I bought this shirt, in a fat pack, over a year ago and I have used them in countless of blog post. Today I am showing the lilac color. However I would recommended buying the fat pack.

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Dramatic Gems

A:S:S just released a line of accessories. I was lucky enough to be able to get a blogger pack of these items.

In the first picture I am using Le Papillion Noir necklace, rings and nose attachment. The necklace, rings and nose attachments are made of butterflies.

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