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Oh hey

So quick update for those who follow GabieGlam still.

I love you but I moved again to a new blog

Come on over and join the party!

RIP Gabie Glam

Hey guys, real quick, I am closing down GabieGlam. My partner and I have moved over to a new blog where we will be showing our take in fashion. I want to say thank you for the support of this blog and hope to get the support from you again on our new blog.

Life is….

As much as I like wearing corsets, heels and wild looking outfits, sometimes you have to dull it down and wear more casual clothing. That’s what I did for this look. It’s more of an everyday look with a bright colored hair

As you may have noticed, I changed the style of my blog. Instead of a credit sheet, I am writing what I wear in paragraph form. For those who like to skim blogs, the store names and the name of the items will be in bold.

A few days ago I came across a store called Pivaaca. I have never heard of this brand or been to their store before. This is funny due to the fact that my husband, Garrett, wears things from there all the time. In this look I am wearing Long Bolero/Cardigan in teal and one of their Printing Cut ‘n Sew #2. Out of all the shirts I got there, this is my favorite. Life is beautiful sometimes.

To keep a more causal relaxed look, I went with 1977 Jeans in a  Dark Wash from one of my favorite stores FIR & MNA  and the classic yet still amazing PornStar Lo-Tops from UBU. These shoes are old but I still love the.

The skin I am wearing is called Vincent in the December Shade from Tableau Vivant. Northstar from Exodi and a beard from Nanuk.  The hair is from Magika it’s called Sofia. I bough the hair in the black ad white pack, but I edit the color. To get the same look wear the 2nd lightest tone than tint you’re hair using the edit menu.

All poses by Long Awkward Poses

Dress Leather

I love leather in secondlife, it’s shiny, sexy and adds an instant bad boy image. It’s for those reasons why it sadly no designers, outside of fetish stores, have explored leather in quite sometime. So I thought I could show a look using leather pants and try to make it as normal as possible.  The other day I was online looking for photos when I came across this picture. It was of a sexy looking guy in leather pants, a dress shirt, tie and vest. So I though to myself “Hmm, I wonder if I can take the same idea and make a look out of it” . I asked my partner to  join me.

Gabe is wearing

Hair: TRUTH ~ Kymberly Streaked – swedish

Eyes: Exodi ~Look Into My ~ Northstar

Skin: Tableau Vivant ~ Vincent January

Nails: Love Soul ~ Mens Checker

Shirt: COCO ~BowShirt(White)

Vest: Mr.Poet ~  Vest Black

Pants: Deviance ~ leather pants

Piercings:ni.Ju ~ Chain Chomp Piercing Black w/ flexi chain

Gloves: Emery ~ Studded #Black

Boots:  DECO ~ Vincent Boot (black)


Garrett Is Wearing 

Hair: MADesigns ~ ZOKI ~ Dark Brown VIII

Hairbase: MADesigns ~ Dark Brown VIII

Skin: Belleza ~ Ashton Medium GG Bald (chest hair)

Eyes: MADesigns ~NATURE ~ Island Green

Shirt: COCO ~ SkinnyTie&Shirt White

Pants: Lapointe & Bastchild ~”Nightlife” Black leather buckle pants

Boots: Muism ~Troy boots Black

Sunglasses:  Muism ~ Alibi shade

Piercing: Razorblade Jacket ~ Sweet Spiked Face

All Poses by Oh! Studios



Sunny Day, FLF

It’s Friday Friday which means it’s  FLF. This week there are a few items for the guys out.

The first thing is this shirt from Nanuk, it comes in blue or this grey color each for 50 Linden. Fir&Mna also offers these unisex glasses and bracelet. When you buy the Bracelet you get it in three color options.

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Prince In His Own Mind

I got new long hair. It is makes me look pretty. I am a princess. I talk like this now.

<more bellow>

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Chic Style

As many of you may or may not know, I am a newbie model. I recently took part in a casting for an agency where we had to dress Chic. While I didn’t make it into the agency i’d still like to share my outfit because I am rather proud of it.

<more bellow>

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Gabe and Garrett

It’s another Berry’s Blog Challenge and since today is my six months anniversary with my partner, todays challenge seems to fit in well. We are suppose to blog about something we love in SL. While there are many things in SL that I love, Garrett Ceriano is the one I love most.

<Ew gayness>

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The Truth Behind

Normally, I am not one to use my own blog as a soapbox. Honestly I find it tacky. But over the past week, one of the projects I am proud to be a part of has been catching a lot of bad press from one man who calls himself a blogger. Thought this man is proven to show no respect for anyone but himself, I will respect him by not using his name or his blog url. Nor will I say how I really feel about him. No instead I will clear up a few misunderstandings you may have about this project I am in. You may have heard of it. It is called Menstuff.


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Undies and Heels

Sexy undies and heels has always been a great combo for woman.. But does it work for men? Many right away say no. It’sa good thing this isn’t your blog right? I have always been meaning to do a new undergear post, but I didn’t want to be like “LOOK AT THESE UNDIES”. With that in mind I did something different.

On deer oh deer:

Hair: TRUTH ~ Claire – fudge
Eyes: MADesigns ~ AUTUMN gold ~ clarity
Skin: TheAbyss ~ Adam Crius Origin Stubble
Undies: Lazybum ~ Arlecchino Briefs (SLX find)
Mask: Get Bent ~  Mesh Mask Black/Black
Necklace: CheerNo ~ Deuil – Milagre NeckLace
Heels:  Opium ~ Leather Heels (SLX find)

<more under the cut>

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