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I normally don’t share where I take my pictures for my blogs. Honestly, normally, I take them at my house or home sim and I am not sure how my neighbor will feel if random people tp in to take pictures. But, the place I took my blog pictures today was so amazing and pretty I had to share.

The new Exodi & WoE, homes of the Exodi and WoE main stores (go figure) feels like a desert or a small farming town. It’s a great place to take pictures and to shop.

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And They Danced.

Starting today though the rest of the week I am going to TRY to blog with someone else. Today, the lovely Foxy Innis joins me. She connected me and asked if I wanted to be in a blog with her. I agreed. At first we were going to do sexy Pirates but we ended up doing our own twist on the popular ballet movie ” The Black Swan”

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Prince In His Own Mind

I got new long hair. It is makes me look pretty. I am a princess. I talk like this now.

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